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  Funeral Home Ghost
Posted by: sxstringdad - 05-18-2008, 01:46 AM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (1)

The following story is my one and only experience with the paranormal. I've grown more interested in this subject over the years which has now prompted me to find a suitable forum to post.

Over 8 years ago I was employed at a place called Custom Air Trays. They manufactured cremation supplies and caskets, supplying the local funeral homes. I made countless deliveries to many funeral homes around the area. One of those deliveries is forever burnt in my memory.

After parking behind the funeral home that I have delivered to several times before, I began to unload supplies onto a casket cart. I then opened the double doors to the storage area and pushed in the cart. A lady, dressed in a long brown dress and brown plaid shirt (looked straight out of the 80's) stood behind a table holding a styrofoam coffee cup.(I figured she worked there and was on break) I pushed the cart further in just past the woman and asked her " Is this a good place for me to put these trays."
I received no answer and figured she didn't hear me. I unloaded and went back outside for the second load. Once again I pushed the cart inside just past the woman. Again I asked her " Is this a good place for me to put these trays." Again she didn't answer so I turned around to speak to her again. She was gone. She was no more then a few feet from me when I passed her. There was only one entrance in and out of that room. I ran out the room to hopefully catch her just out the door but she was no where to be found. I quickly realized what I just experienced and immediately jumped into my van and fled back to work with no paperwork signed and scared out of my mind.

My coworkers had a good laugh that day at my expense. A few weeks later I made a delivery to the same funeral home and spoke with the director to tell him my story. All he had to say was "You should see what goes on here at night."

Thanks for reading. Any responses are welcome.

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  life of terror
Posted by: ghostboy29 - 05-17-2008, 04:31 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (1)


This story is base on true events that happen to me my sister Casey and my friend Sam. It all started in preschool my family just move into an apartment in Alameda. The first night when we move in me and my sister Casey starting to hear music coming from the closet at the same time we hear roller-balding on the ceiling. A week later there was ants coming out the bathtub, the kitchen wall, and my bedroom closet. On the night of may 1st my dad was out to sea and my mom was working the late shift at McDonalds at midnight me and Casey starting to hear fighting in the hallway then a scream at that point we saw two bloody red eyes we both scream we where under our covers for the rest of the night. A year later we move to Concord but they follow. A week later after we move in I heard what sound like crying coming from the attic. That when I knew they follow us. As time goes by there have been flashes of lights, doors slamming, and people getting hurt. Then one night the night before we move I look out my bedroom window and I saw a man with a knife I got up and went to the back yard there he was but there was something about him that is strange when I walk towards him he keeps backing up he back up towards the fence then disappear. When we move to Oakley in 1999 it was normal at first. Until a year later on you guess it may 1st that the day when it all started my best friend Sam was sleeping over when we both hear footsteps in the crawlspace under my apartment. A year or two years later my sister friend her nickname big Sam was helping me with dishes when one of the glass slide across the counter and smash to the floor. That night big Sam and Casey were upstairs and I was downstairs and the power was out. They heard it first then I heard it (it was like heavy boots on hard wood floors but I have carpet) when we move to Brentwood things turn for the worst. There was banning and srapeing on the windows and walls my computer turn on and off by it self and my bed shake it got to the point that I couldn’t sleep in my own room. Then last night I couldn’t take it anymore I started to bless my room (that where it all started) my light started to flicker my TV started to go crazy and my computer just went nuts my bed started to shake then my room a wind started to blow my papers and my close was flying around my room (like a twister). Then it stops. The heaviness was gone and the fear was gone that when I knew I got my life back. But it not I still got one more ghost left. That start part 2 of my life of terror.

It’s been quiet for a year now but on March 20 2007 my birthday at midnight. I was about to fall asleep but something woke me up I was hearing what sound like knocking on my closet doors. The next day I call my sister ask her about the knockings she told me “ I forgot to tell you me and big Sam use the board and we contact a girl that been murder by her ex boyfriend and she hate guys”. At first I thought that was kind of funny because the thought of a ghost that hate guys. I shouldn’t have said that because later that night I was home alone. I was watching Full House and from out of nowhere my backpack hit me in a head. After that my hall lights started to flicker and there was screaming coming from my room so I went to check it out. When I open my bedroom door I got the shock of my life. Things was flying around my room my TV was going crazy, my computer die. When I look in the mirror I saw a face with 3 knife cuts along the face so I grab my bed stuff and slept in the living room and I still sleeping in the living room. June 1st 2007 at school. I was eating lunch when someone or something trip me and my friends was 5 feet away from me I don’t know what it was to me I think the girl is a demon.

Later that day in 8th period everybody was outside I decided to stay inside to catch up on my work when I saw smoke on top of the door I ran outside because I thought there was a fire but when the teacher check there was no smoke no fire. Back outside with the class we were reading books when something shove me but my class mates was a good 3 to 4 feet away. 9:45pm I was getting reading for bed so I went to brush my teeth and the door was shut I got done brushing my teeth and try to open the door but it wouldn’t open (it like somebody was holding the door shut) so I gave it a good pull and the door flew open making me fall backers and I hit my head on the sink and I got a bump on my head. 5:00am September \ 3\ 07 I was getting reading for school and my back pack was a mess I step out to feed the dog I came back in and my back pack was missing so I was looking for it. When I found it on my bed it was clean out there was nothing in there exept my homework and binder. 10:38pm I was dead asleep when my computer turn on by it self but my computer die 6 month ago. Oct 1(now this where it get violent) 7:30pm I was in my bed reading my book when my light went out. Then I started to hear moaning coming from under my bed so I bent over to look under my bed. When I saw nothing I TRY to get up but I couldn’t move someone or something was holding me down with there foot when I started to pray it stop I could get up and my light turn back on. November 7, 2007 6:11am I was listing to cat country 103 while I’m getting reading for school when the radio started to go crazy flipping from channel to channel then it went dead at that point I started to hear scratching on the wall and I hear footsteps coming towards me the last thing I heard before I ran out of my room was “get out”.


November 7, 2007 12:38pm I was typing this book when I started to her knocking on the wall behind the school computer in A104. Now back to my sister Casey who live in Boston now one night she call and she was freaking out she told me that she been hearing crashing sound like some one was braking in but when she went to check it out there was no mess but her doll was missing and found it on top of the TV but it was on her bed in her room. 10pm her time she was talking to me on the phone when we both hear a laugh we thought it was one of us but a sec later I heard it from my closet. November 9,2007 12:08am I just got done using the bathroom and my house was always pitch black but I saw a light coming from my room but my lamp was off and the only light was on is my alarm clock but this light was a lot brighter then my alarm clock. When I open my door there was a big flash then the light was gone.5:00am I was awake and I was sending e-mail to my sister when I started to hear talking in my room so I’m looking around my room trying to find the voices and when I found the source of the voices it was coming from my dead computer when I put my right ear to it I got shock really bad( will not that bad) as soon as I got shock the voices stop. 12/5/07 10:00am I’m listing to my bother mp3 player when in the middle of my song I heard what sound like my grandfather saying that he love me and he miss me but he was dead for 3 years. 10:23am I keep seeing this little boy I think he try to tell me something or warn me about something the last time I saw the boy a twister hit Greensburg Kansas I think I got a power to see and talk to the dead 10:32am something went through me and show me how they die. Something tell me it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


10:49am I just saw that girl with the 3 knife cuts in her face again through the window to the book room IM losing it I don’t know how much I could take it anymore. 12/8/07 9:00pm that boy appear to me again I could hear and understand him now he warn me if I keep trying to find the truth behind the haunting that something really bad might happen to me then he look at me and told me that she coming when I ask who he disappear. 10:28pm I was setting on my bed trying to contact the boy but something else came through it was the girl or “her” she told me to “give up you will never free him or the others they will be trap here forever and you will die trying” then she disappear. Before I went to bed I put a peace of paper on the chair with a question asking the boy “who is she and why are you scare of her?” then I went to bed. The next morning I check the paper and the boy answer he said that she was his sister and she hated him and she fight with him a lot but he was still close to his sister. That when he appear to me and that when I ask him how did she die he told me that she was murder by her ex boyfriend then I ask him how old was she when she die he told me she was 19 then he disappear. That when my yearbook flew across my room and almost hit me in the head. 12:00 noon I was eating lunch when I saw in the corner of my eye a girl walking towards my room so I put down my sub and went to check it out I saw her leg enter my room and the door shut so I went to open it (WARNING WHAT YOU ABOUT TO READ WILL GIVE YOU A HEART ATACK!) I open the door that’s when a head came flying towards me then the door slam by it self. 10:45pm I ask the boy to appear and talk to me he did that when I ask him how he die he told me that he walk to the creek near my house and drown him self. Then I ask him why he told me he want to be with his sister (I cry when he told me that.) the last question I ask him how old was he when he die he was 15 when he die. 12/10/07 2:33am I got up to get a drink of water on the way back to my room the whole house went freezing cold that’s when I knew it was “her”. So I started to run to my room and the hallway was getting longer and longer until I finally I got to my door when I got into my room the door slam by it self and it started to shake. Then my closet doors started to open and close my light started to flicker my movies started to fly off the shelve stuff started to fly around. Then there she was staring at me with that evil stare I stated to back up to get the crucifix from my wall but as soon as I touch it she disappear. 6:12am I woke up and there was the boy staring at me and he told me that his sister was really mad at me and that she will do anything to stop me from helping him and the others.


12/25/07 I went to take a shower when I started to fell a sharp pain down my body I look in the mirror and I saw scratches forming on my body. So I got my clothes on and call my friend who is a priest to help me to get rid of “her” 10:pm we started the exorcism that when all hell broke lose the lights started to flicker the house started to shake the screams started to echo through out the house then the light bulbs exploded the mirrors exploded than my friend fainted so I pick him up and started to run the doors started to slam one by one then finally we made it outside and we started to pry even more till a bright light burst out of every window and door of my house. Than the heaviness is gone I’m not scare of my house anymore my dog is not scare of my house anymore. Is now finally over.

What you just read was all real it really happen to me my friend die later that night from internal bleeding I guess that a piece of mirror stab into his heart.

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