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  With ironic respect. Should we thank God that religionists are such hypocrites?
Posted by: Enemy No. 1 Gnostic - 11-21-2018, 02:52 PM - Forum: Religion - Replies (4)

With ironic respect. Should we thank God that religionists are such hypocrites?
The religions that offer a supernatural God are basically authoritarian religions with tyrannical Gods.
They are quite divisive and if Christians and Muslims do not do things just right, they get to burn forever in in a purposeless hell. Yahweh and Allah are mean demiurges.
In terms of following their religions to the letter, I see both Christians and Muslims as being quite hypocritical and I thank all the Gods for that.
If Christians and Muslims did live by the barbaric ideals their religions and Gods wanted, the inquisitions and jihads would force the rest of us to eliminate those fouls religions for reasons of self-defence.
Let us thank all the good Gods that Christians and Muslims do not practice their religions and are such hypocrites. Let us thank all the Gods that Christians and Muslims are moral enough to be hypocrites and only give lip service to their vile religious ideologies and imaginary Gods.
How many Christians are hypocrites? This link says the vast majority right at the beginning of the link, and I would say that the same number applies to Muslims even though their mosque attendance is higher than the Christian one due to culture more than religion.
Jesus for the non religious - Retired bishop John Spong on religion.

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Question A maybe interesting thought about dogs and the paranormal
Posted by: Estonian Ghost.exe - 11-20-2018, 02:51 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - No Replies

So this is a concept I suppose, but hear me out, and lets see if it can actually be of use!  Idea

TL;DR: Use dogs to track/hunt ghosts.

Anyways, some of you might have come across the fact that animals supposedly see things us humans cant, which is true to certain extents. Different animals can observe different light spectrums, including those that humans cant. But what I've found interesting is the sheer amount of videos of dogs staring at corners and barking and seemingly nothing. I do take mostly everything I see online with the greatest grain of salt, but seemingly dogs can view ultraviolet light, so that could help debunk alot of pets going crazy videos, as humans and nonspecialized cameras cannot see/capture ultraviolet light. (it would be quite easy to shine a uv bulb flashlight at a wall back and forth to freak dogs out). 

But that brings me to the point I really want to make. I've stumbled across some research that shows that dogs are capable of magnetoreception - Basically being aware of the earth's magnetic field. I pondered this for a while, thinking that maybe dogs could sense different devices nearby, as electric current does generate a EM-field, although the planets innercore magnet is about 0.5 gauss in strenght (its pretty legit weak). So breaking 0.5 gauss wouldnt be hard at all, some pretty heavy duty powercables running through a wall, overhead or under the floor could cause a severe enough electomagnetic field that could make dogs become a bit erratic.

But that turned my brains gears even more, the machine in my skull really started churning some butter.

Should dogs really be sensitive to the point where strong enough magnetic fields could cause them to go a lil haywire, could it possibly be taken advantage of? Plenty of paranormal investigators also check for magnetic fields and abnormalities in those specific ranges. If dogs can sense stronger fields, it could potentially be trained?

I'm thinking that paranormal investigators could literally train dogs to "hunt"  disturbances in magnetic fields, I reckon the base concept should be easy enough. Should supposed ghosts really interact or disturb electomagnetic fields (Who knows, maybe instead of seeing ultraviolet light or anything special powers, dogs do really just sense the disturbances in electromagnetic fields and therefore freak out)

1. Set up a EM field generator (anything such as a very strong magnet, powered coil or the likes), and set food on it, near it.

2. Repeat the process to condition the dog into believing that finding a EM field results in treats.

3. Have the dog in question pass a course or maze like structure with the EM generator inside somewhere (no food or treats this time, the dog could use its keen sense of smell to locate it that way)

4. As a final test, the dog could be put through field testing in an empty/large abandoned building with a single/multiple EM generators to see if it can find them (and if multiple sources will have it running in circles without finding any). 

5. A more complex test with a remote controlled vehicle or hidden EM generator that moves, to train the dog to also follow the magnetic field.

6. Potentially train the dog to bark should it sucessfully find a magnetic field, and continue barking if its following it around (should it be mobile)

Of course if the dog suceeds it should be rewarded.

Another important part of this conceptual training would be to make sure its a STRONG magnetic field generator, you wouldn't want the dog chasing down your fridge or electronic equipment (even a tiny copper cable with power running through it will generate a EM field)

Its also important to note that the dogs wouldn't actually see anything paranormal, but just be able to locate and track strong electromagnetic fields, so its more like "sensing" than "seeing". But if your dog is staring at the ceiling and running around on the spot in circles I'd be more than concerned that it can sense the direction of the source, and that it is not on ground level. 

Now I'm far from a scientist, I'm merely a paranormal enthusiast with a very basic understanding of electromagnetic fields and how they work, and I am 100% not a canine biologist or a biologist of any sort for that matter, this is just my thought process and based on what I've read on the research, this is my own idea of a potential application for such abilities in such loyal companions. (Not to mention ghost hunting becomes way less scarier when you can hug your ball of fluff while praying not to get eaten by the darkness).

But that't it for now, I'm posting this since I'd love to hear what the rest of the paranormal community thinks about this, I've been thinking about this for the past few days and its been eating away at me and I really wanted to share, hell, maybe it actually has some applicable uses, if not in paranormal hunting, perhaps with some dangerous jobs or tracking certain highpower cables, that could potentially help save some people from injury in case of failure or the such. But If you managed to read all of this, I salute you, and I would really love to hear your take on it all! 

There is 100% grammatical errors in this post, I'm somewhat tired and English is my 2nd language, so try look past the cancerous errors and instead focus on the message! I really do wanna hear what you guys think, if you can prove its not possible, or if it is, or perhaps its just plausible? Lemme know, looking forward to seeing what we can cook up and figure out!


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