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  Strange Activity Within the Household [This is long]
Posted by: Can't Stop Won't Stop - 10-11-2018, 01:32 AM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - No Replies

So for about the last 7 years or so My house has seen lots of strange activity, and i finally decided i'd post about it because i want some form of answer. In the house my whole family and several visitors to the house see shadows of people slinking around which is nothing too spectacular, however my sister started having sleep paralysis around this time and things would hold her to her bed and choke her.

After a few months or so of this happening she moved out, and it never happened to her again, but one room over I stared to experience the same sleep paralysis that she had. After a time they got less and less common but i now see the man that would hold me down wandering my house, and when my mother started babysitting the first time they came to visit their 3 year old daughter pointed up towards the corner of the room and cried out, "Who is that man? That dark man in the corner, I don't like him he's scary. Make him leave." And that's when my family began to believe me. Over the next few months you would see him peering around corners and just looming around the house.

Fast forward about a year and a half with all that persisting it began calling out names of people, mimicking family members voices so everyone would converge downstairs before hearing doors slam upstairs. Things would get displaced and moved, rooms dropped a solid 10 degrees in temperature from time to time. But nothing too serious had ever happened to anyone in that house besides me at that point.
About a year ago when i was walking through the hallway i had also started seeing a small child in the house who would sit in front of the fish tank and has no eyes, but he never did anything besides appear there and disappear shortly after. My sister see's him on her visits as well so I'm not the only one.

The shadow that followed me around the house all these years has, in my eyes at least, grown restless as it now slams doors shut, makes its presence known to everyone in the house as well as visitors, and has thrown a shelf off of the wall at me when i was going to bed with my girlfriend at the time. But all of this stuff i have seen before and have heard other people with these experiences...

The one i want to know about is this.
One night my family had gathered to all go out and get dinner for my sisters birthday about a year ago. I had just finished getting dressed from my shower and as i was brushing my hair the door opened and i saw the shadow mentioned before in the doorway, I closed the door and finished my business. Once I did that I left the room to see it fading into the wall across from me. At that point i noticed the house was unusually quiet despite having a good 7-8 people in it. I wandered the house looking for anyone but nobody was there. I then went outside to check and see if any cars were outside, but none were there at all. Not even the neighbors cars were in their driveways. As I turned around to go back inside i heard the front door slam shut and lock, and after about a minute of trying to get it open it released the lock and i was able to get back inside. But that damn shadow Stared at me from the top of the stairwell and walked away, at that point a started knocking on my sisters door asking for someone, anyone to open the door before she opened it. 

When she opened the door she looked at me and said i looked pale and if i was feeling well. Apparently when she heard the door open she checked on the bathroom to see if she could use it and i was gone, and nobody in the house had seen or heard me running around looking for anyone until my sister had found me. To this day i think about it every night and i have no explanation for what had happened. I have only ever heard of 2 other people having the same experience as mine but they too have no real way of explaining what had happened. If anyone at all could shed some light on this I would be very very grateful for it.

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  Advice Needed - Daughter is seeing ghosts
Posted by: TexDad - 10-09-2018, 01:35 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (4)

First, Hi, to all! 

I need some advice on how to best approach something and I would like to pick your collective brains on something. 

Before I begin, let me give you some background.

We have lived in our house for about 10 years. Our house is in a new subdivision and we are the original owner. We selected the lot and all the options and had the house built etc... So not some scary old farm house.

My daughter is almost 10 and very level headed and someone who is extremely positive, manages to always see the bright side of any challenge.  We also have an 11 year old son.

My wife and I are very open to the paranormal. However, we have never had an unmistakable paranormal experience. I will share our questionable experiences later.

Recently, my daughter confided in my wife that she had been seeing ghost in our house for several years. She describes them as white mist that are in the distinctive shape of a human. She says that most of them are child sized, but has also seen adult sized forms. 

The most striking experience she shared was one where she woke up late one weekend morning. She said that she felt very irritated and didn't know why. She was standing in her room and grabbed her comfort toy (think security blanket) and hugged it. She said at this point a mist type entity left her and was standing right in front of her. She described it as about the same size as her and fuzzy without definitive form. She was unable to determine if it was male or female. She then said that the irritated feeling went away. 

She said she had seen them so many times by this point she was just annoyed so she glared at the entity and it left and went away. She said that since then, they leave her alone, but she still sees them pretty much nightly. She also sees them often during the day.

She is now concerned that they are trying to get to my son. She routinely sees them outside her room and describes them as running. She clearly sees their form, arms and legs etc... However, she can't tell if they're male or female.   

Because of how my daughter is, I have zero doubts about her sincerity. She is not someone who would make stuff up. She is also approaching this more in frustration rather than fear. She is very frustrated that no one else has seen them. 

She said that she asked her brother if he had seen anything. He apparently has but didn't elaborate... My wife is going to ask him what if anything he might have seen as soon as she gets a chance.

This revelation has us reexamining anything strange that we have experienced. 

My wife has heard some very strange noises that we can't explain. 

The strangest experience I had was when my son was about 3yrs old and was going through the night terrors. He woke up crying around 2am or so. I went to his room and I saw a child's silhouette which I assumed was him. I reached my arms out to usher him to me for comfort, but he got to me unexpectedly fast based on the distance of the figure I had seen. When he got to me he said "Boy in there". I was a little freaked out by it, but I wrote it off as being half asleep etc... Now I am not so sure.

I have also heard noises when no one is home that I would equate to sounds heard when people are home. Not slap you in the face obvious, but bumps and thuds. 

So... has anyone been though something like this? I would really like to hear any insights that you all might have.

Thank You   

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