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  Again, Has something like this happened to you??
Posted by: ClarkDurham - 06-12-2018, 04:38 PM - Forum: Misc. Paranormal - No Replies

I put a post up in another forum about a paranormal experience I had caught on Camera! But then when I tried to show someone or watch it again it said 'File Not Found'.
*** I do not think this experience was with Ghosts or Spirits, but something else****
Now... this is almost 3 years later. A different and newer phone, but the same house.
I had (obviously) moved my room upstairs after the last incident.. Me and my brother were sitting on my bed looking outside and saw three strangely-shaped lights in the sky. I thought nothing of it and continued scrolling through iFunny. Then he said "they just moved". I looked up but didn't see anything different. He said, "No, I swear, they like glitched to the right some".
I didn't know what the  Mrteeth he was talking about so I watched them. I stared at them for a good 3-5 min and then I saw what he meant. They literally flickered and glitched over all at once, but this time to the left. They were uniform when they moved, and they stayed in a sort of triangle shape. Two dots on each side and one below them in the center. They were orange/red and were each an odd shape. Like a big circle/dot with a smaller circle/dot directly beneath it.

I grabbed my phone and started video taping them. The quality was so bad you couldn't see the odd shape of the lights, but I kept filming anyways. I waited for them to glitch again, and about 5 min later, the two on top just started floating up, separating from the third. They floated up and up and up and stopped... I watched the third one intently, and then it just dissapeared! I freaked out and climbed onto the roof with my brother. We were staring at the two dots in the sky. Then the third one appeared again, but on top of the remaining two. Then it started sliding right and flickering at a constant speed. It got a certain distance to the right and one of the other dots started moving with it. It started flashing just like the first, and not long after the third followed suit too. They never really went out of sight or got smaller/bigger, but just faded away one by one.... I don't know what this is... I don't know if it is Aliens, but apparently people have seen these same types of "orbs" glitching around in the sky.
We sat down on the roof and pressed play on the video, and guess what, same as last time, 'File Not Found'. I couldn't even watch the video! Then my phone froze on a plain black screen and I had to take the battery out and restart it to get it to work. No video anywhere on my phone.

Again, please PM me if something like this has happened to you

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  PM if youve had this happen... It has happened to me twice!
Posted by: ClarkDurham - 06-12-2018, 04:21 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (2)

When I was about 15 I had a paranormal experience that scared me so bad, I never doubted spiritual life ever again.

My parents had some work friends over and were playing beer pong in the garage. Luckily for me, those friends had kids! We were screwing around all day, playing outside and running our heads off. At one point later in the night, we decided to go into the basement. Our plan: make a fake ghost video. It was the perfect setup:

It was unfinished at the time, and was also my room! There were stairs from the main floor that lead to a completely open basement. It was big enough for 2 rooms (and a bathroom), but there were no walls because it was unfinished. There was also a sliding backdoor that lead to the backyard. It was creepy with pipes sticking out leading to no where, wooden creaky stairs and floor,a little corner under the stairs, and one light bulb that we planned to make flicker on and off because it conveniently had two light switches.

We were all upstairs planning how we would do our fake ghost video. And as soon as we all stood up to get started, something RAN down the stairs. It was so loud I thought something heavy was thrown down them! We all looked at each other confused. No one was missing from our group, and every one of the parents was still in the garage. At that point I turned my camera on and we decided to go downstairs and check it out.
We slowly opened the door, seeing nothing but a dark stairway. I turned the only light on and made the boys go first. We inched down the stairs, curious but afraid to see what was around the corner. Two boys made it down the stairs and nothing happened, so I turned the corner. Before ANYTHING, I noticed the back door was slid open! WIDE open, and all I could see outside was darkness. I ran to the door and slammed it and locked it. At that point I was afraid of an intruder. I was too scared to search outside, so we looked through the basement. I walked the whole thing, every creepy corner and hiding spot down there, and nothing.

We went back upstairs and told our parents what happened. They looked around the backyard and around the house and after finding nothing, commenced to their beer pong. We calmed down and got to other things. But then... I was watching the video I took while we went downstairs.. I watched the whole thing through and saw nothing. I was about to delete it when one of the boys asked to see it. As he was watching it, he screamed and handed me my phone. The video was paused at the moment I was walking by the Water Heater. At first I didn't see, but then it was clear as day. A little girl, with no face, was sitting in the corner of the water heater in a worn and dirty white night dress, her black messy hair falling in her non-face..
That was the only glimpse I got of her. I handed off my phone to show the others and they said the video wouldn't play and I was messing with them. I took the phone back and it said 'File not found'. The video was no where on my phone. I never told my parents and I moved into my brothers room the very next morning.

A very VERY similar thing happened to me a few years after that, but it was not a ghost and not really scary... that story will be posted later on a different forum, but PM me if it sparks your interest or if anything similar has happened to you!

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