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  Seeing a real humanoid
Posted by: Roman107 - 07-18-2019, 08:54 AM - Forum: Cryptozoology - Strange Creatures, Monsters And More - Replies (2)

I and a friend of mine from Finland were walking through the forest to get to my local archery range to practice our shots for the hunting season. But while walking there, at one point we saw a strange gray/brown creature emerge from the bushes to our right. It was about 2.5 meters tall, it looked slim, had long arms with long fingers, long skinny legs and sort of alien head. The knees and elbows of the creature were abnormally large (pic related). When it saw us it started running into the forest across the street and at that same moment we started running for our lives because we were scared to pieces. 

When we got back it to his place we started researching if we could find any information about that creature and found out that a lot of people saw it and shared the information about it, but didn't get any pictures as far as we found out. 

Oh and also, this is not some fantasy we came up with. We both know without evidence our words are not enough. That's the reason we decided that we're going back for more. We will keep you updated on the situation. If you want to share any useful information with us, you can add me on discord, Roman#7532

[Image: 2029011128.jpg]

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  Moder fae or something? What is this? long account.
Posted by: EldritchHorror - 07-16-2019, 03:38 PM - Forum: Ghosts - Stories, Experiences and Discussions - Replies (5)

okay so thiers a very old abandoned town in pa where me and my friends love to go and ghost hunt. for preface im sensitive as in i can see things sometimes and get responses. i wouldnt say im a medium but more of a medium in practice. 

anyway, I took my boyfriend this time and we got the most weve ever gotten. this is pretty long and probably....a lot but i swear everything is true. i used a pendulum and my sensitivities to communicate. i know pendulums arent trusted always but ive been using them for years and I personally trust them.

I dont know how to put the whole story here wo it being like a novel (we went back for 3 days in a row) 

but very short story is we went into the crematory in the area where they kept the coal and...he got rooted in place (thats happened before to others ive brought but not in this spot) 

after a while of trying to figure out what it wants we move on (with a strong feeling of frustration) and move past a door with the name Garry spay painted on it. we feel a strong pull to it but later when watching the videos there is a flash of light along the dooor with no point of origin that we can figure out. none of us used flash on it and you can tell where our camera phones are pointed. 

the boyfriend gets pulled to several locations but we cant figure out what it wants. finally we find ourselves in the room where several things have happened to my friends before. 

with the pendulum got answers for a few things including a yes several times when i asked if it was close/if it was fae. we got a yes to asking if their where more. it said it dint like the place but a maybe for it was trapped here. . 

My boyfriend picked u a bottle and i got an IMMEDIATE STRONG yes. later for reaction he throws the bottle down and immediately gets almost knocked down (onto broken glass) we ask if its a sort of caretaker and it responds yes. I have video if anyone's interested. 

when asked if there where more of its kind a low rumble or grow is heard. funny thing is we dint feel threatened by it. just...intimidated.

so we walk around trying to figure out what it wants from us and finally my bf is pulled to a corner. I asked if there where two and in person we both get the sense of yes as well as the pendulum saying yes but later in the vide we get...the best orb ive ever seen. its very fast but if you slow down the video you can see it grow into a large orange ball and then disappear in like a second. my boyfriend can see....a clump of lights over where the two girls are and asks if whatever is guiding us is using his visual snow as a way to see. we get a strong immediate yes on the pendulum. he says the lights are right over where the orb was seen. 

in the video my bf is pulled over to the chair the orb showed up above and feels something is clawing in his stomach ( what a friend has said before when in the same room) we try to help them move on?? i dont know if we did since ive never tried before but we got no movement on the pendulum after that. 

so we leave to go over the footage and notice not only the flash of light on the Garry door but also the orb and that every place hed been pulled to...had garbage. bottles, cans, plastics. so we decide to go back the next day and see if it wanted use to...clean? its so weird ive never had a or have seen a ghost or whatever this thing is....want someone to clean? 

the next day we go straight to the crematory and start asking questions. we get an immediate yes to asking if it wants to clean but a no to everywhere. its just the below ground parts. so we star cleaning up every bottle and can we can find? the sense we got was good and...not necessarily warm but...nice? and happy? funnily enough every piece of garbage that looks like it was left over from when the place was abandoned the pendulum says no to throwing away (bottles of cleaner, cans of spray for metals, pins, stuff you would find in that place) but yeses to things that kids left from drinking or bags, stuff that wasn't there when it was abandoned. it was thinking. we got maybes to a few things and asked if it wanted us to come back to it so it could decided. when we did we either got a firm yes or no. like it had thought about it? it was really neat and felt like we where///really talking to something.

every time we cleaned everything wed hear a knock and id ask the pendulum if we where done and get a yes. 

we took all the bags of trash out to the car and went to the other basement area. same thing pretty much happened in there nothing special but we felt...accomplished and...its not like either of us wanted to spend our day cleaning up bear cans from stupid kids was happy. call me crazy bu it real. going to diverge a bit because the next thing we did was on the upper floors of the hospital. previously while at the place we caught...something on camera. it looks like an alien im sure its not but its...something non human. (i have video of these things moving and screenshots too.)it was small (on the window seal or just behind it, it loks maybe 4-6 inches. at least the part we saw. so me and boyfriend go up looking for it. i will say were a little dumb and are trying to get a response wich turns into us...kinda bullying it. we got nothing other than my pendulum swinging so hard while i was stock still that it was hitting the sides of my hand. 

but when where leaving we got...hissed at? i only got one on audio but it 4 times in unison in person. it sounded like a human doing a hissing noise but...there where no ppl in the place and why would a human hiss at us. 

so we kinda got out of there and just decide to go back tow to the Garry door and see if we can debunk the flash. 

we tried everything, noting that it had to be on the outside of the door but not close enough to us to be from us. we decide to go into the room and ask a few question leading us to believe there was someone kept in this room? we call him Garry and ask if he needs help which we get a yes to. we ask if something tahts keeping him here is in the other room and can hear in the video a raspy yes? so we dig out the door (that locks from the outside) and open it . i dont know if wee helped him move on but  i hope. 

i tried cleansing the other room of negative things? but after that we decide to go to a hotel thats abandoned down the street. the whole upper floors are nice and we might have cought a shadow or two and the building is...akward and feels off but nothing bad! then we go downstairs and are talking about going to the basement when you can hear a little girl say hi! its high pitched and not either of our voices. i have a higher voice for a guy but not...that high. i quickly pointed my light towards it saying in the moment i thought i heard little feet. 

so then theirs the basement. 

its an immediate change in atmosphere from us having fun to u both being...very on edge. the air is heavy and dense. we notice their are tunnels and both get nervous about getting lost. were very on edge. we go into another room with i think Latin on it (i know store types) and were talking about what it may say since i know a tiny bit of latin im trying to make out words and not really....noticing where my camera is pointing. after that we pretty much just leave bec it feels off but back at home going through the videos we notice....something. 

okay it looks like slenderman??? i know its not im not that crazy but its the best way to describe it? it has long hands that reach around the door. the next day we go and there is nothing there that could have looked like that. at all. theirs nothing that even could be seen as something there. theirs nothing in the doorway except a small pipe but i can barley see it at any angel was close to and that does account for the hand. or whoever is there. 

this time tho we explain why were there and it feels fine. again...intimidating but not terrifying. were able to go through the building and it actually leads out to the bank (which shouldn't be the bank but thats another story) 

all in all i dont know what these things are that are living here. ive caught two on camera and they seem fine (if not dadgummed with) but they dont feel like ghosts or demon or anything normal. ill be linking all the important clips and things. i may also talk about whats happened when ive gone with others if anyone's interested about it more. 

links are to amazon. let me know if any dont work!

Here is before i went w my boyfriend. the...things are in the window closest to us. right by my cousins boons at one point... O.o  let me know if you cant see them ill circle them or something.



First day


Heavy breathing/growl. headphones are pretty much needed here as its super low leading me to believe it cant be me since my mouth is right by the speaker and i was looking at my boyfriiend who did not growl lol

light flash by door. is pretty fast. [/url]

day two 

forgot to mention this one but when trying to take on of those continuous mirror shots my bf could see the effect when taking the selfie but when looked at on the computer the screen is black. but you can still see the hud for snapchat? if thiers a sciency reason behind this let me know!

A distressed yes in response. this isnt picked up in his footage and he was standing right next to me. the pendulum said yes but i didnt answer because he was looking at it. it could have been me tho so this is a maybe!

the hissing thing. this...was like 5 times in unison but we only caught one. 

little yes. i dont think theirs any possibility of my voice going that high. i tried -_-

photo of the thing in the doorway 

you can see it moves but the angel im at does not. 

there a stuff ton of pictures if you want access let me know. im still going through footage from the third day! those will be up when im done if i find anything!

i uploaded them with google if it tell you you cant play it you can view them in incognitonicto. dont know why that happens/

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