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Full Version: My scariest and first time getting Sleep Paralysis
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Ok. Here is my story. I never knew that there was a name for it until I got on this Forum. I have had several times were I was awake,but could not move. I usually fight to move for a couple minutes, but any more I just pray. Part of me thinks that there is something "holding" me, and a part of me thinks that I cramp up somehow. Here is the story of my first SP experience:

I was prolly 16. My brother just went to EMU and I was sleeping in a room all by myself for one of the first times. I was always the freaked out, and having my big bro there was always nice. I could wake him up if ever I was scared you know? Anyway I was sleeping alone one night when I felt one of my friends lay on me and start laughing a Beavis & Butthead "hehe" in my ear. So I try to push him off of me and I can't. I am awake,but I can't move. Then I start to realize that my friend wasn't at my house and I was alone. i started freaking out and really trying to move. This lasted for like 5 (very long) minutes. As soon as I woke up that really scary laugh from the "Big Bopper" came on. I am not sure of the exact song, but it was from the '60s. I still can not hear that song today and I am 28 years old now. Then I tried to wake up my Mom and she would not wake up. I made it through the night like what? was that. I have asked other people about not being able to move while awke but sleeping. this is the first place anyone has ever related.

This has happened about 10 times in my life. No other time was as scary. One time I was able to wake my wife up by yelling. It was not a yell to her, but she woke me up anyway. Another time I asked God to help and as soon as I did that I woke up. Not sure what it all means, but it freaks me out when it happens.
Thank you for sharing that experience with us. Sleep Paralysis can be a very frightening experience. I have only had this happen to me once in my life (so far) and at the time it was really very terrifying.

If you are interested we have more information about this phenomenon at


Thank you for that link. Very informative.


Had it happen to me a few times in my life. One particularly memorable one happened one summer evening when I was dozing off listening to the radio.

I awoke fully, unable to get up or breathe. I clearly heard the radio as well as this low growling voice going "ehhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" getting louder and more insistant, but I felt this pressure on my chest like someone was sitting on me and sensed the presence, and I couldn't move my arms though I was able to open my eyes and move my head a little. Couldn't get any words out as I couldn't breathe.

I thought the name "Jesus!" and I was able to breathe. I said "Jesus!" out loud, and the pressure and the sound immediately ceased.

In a strange twist, there was a period where I'd wake up so disoriented, it felt like my bed was on the ceiling and I couldn't figure out why I didn't fall off and hit the floor. The other thing was as I'd awaken, I'd hear this laughter fading as if I was the butt of some nasty joke. . .

I'd start praying, and things would right themselves. Happened more than once.