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Full Version: my sleep paralysis
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Hi. I've had sleep paralysis since childhood and never discovered what it was until recently. I would wake up (at least I thought I was awake) and could see all my usual surroundings, but couldn't move and couldn't say anything. As a kid I remember being terrified by this. I'd call out for my mother but no sound would come out. It happens occasionally but not all the time. The last time it happened was probably a couple of months ago. It seems to take all my strength to move just the slightest bit and eventually, I guess probably after a minute or even just a few seconds, it wears off and everything is normal again. I have never had any hallucinations of other beings in the room with me or fears of other presences being there, it's just the feeling of not being able to move or speak. One time in particular was weird because I am very near sighted, I need glasses or contacts to see clearly. But this one time, when I was in this sleep paralysis mode, I could see everything very clearly. But as it slowly wore off, my vision slowly went back to normal, where everything is blurry without my glasses/contacts.

I just wanted to share this. I am leaning towards believing the scientific explanations of this, where the brain releases some hormones or chemicals that stop the body from moving during sleep and somehow I woke up too early and it wasn't synchronized yet or something. I don't know what it is really, but I don't think I believe in the whole demons and spirits thing. I just don't know what it is. Why was I able to see clearly without glasses/contacts? that is the most puzzling part of it for me.
I'm not sure what would cause your vision to clear up, but I do think you are very sensible in not jumping to the conclusion of a demon.

With sleep paralysis, I have always wondered if it isn't one of those phenomenon that has more than one answer. I only had it once, and it wasn't anything like what a lot of people describe...there were no hallucinations, just that horrifying feeling of not being able to get up.

I have heard people speak of experiences where they were merely laying down and not asleep. Logically I tend to lean towards it being a hypnogogic hallucination at the onset of sleep...but the way it is remembered, they were fully awake.

I do think it is one of those things that paranormal or affects a lot of people, and I'm very glad I only had it happen once!

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

I'm with you. I've never really seen a supernatural connection to sleep paralysis. I have it often WITH the hallucinations but i just wait for it to pass. Your vision clearing is interesting though.
We would be very narrow minded to always look at things with only one reason. This is never the case with life in general... Right? So some Normal reasons, and some paranormal. In my experience it took place in the astral plain, then woke up but couldn't move. But sight of anything paranormal only astrally. Different for each person it seems. Never a fun experience... Don't want to go through that one again!