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Full Version: Anyone Know a Good Good Luck Charm or Stone
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any ideas for a good luck charm, stone, or anything?
No. But there are other members in here that would be willing to help you out.
You should let the item speak to you.. if you pick an item up you should be able to feel the energy that comes off of it.. either it be neutral, negative or positive. Only get things with positive energy so intern you will have "good luck" so to speak.
(10-20-2009, 04:43 PM)ElizebethRotly Wrote: [ -> ]any ideas for a good luck charm, stone, or anything?

I just got a good feeling about this charm for you:
Money Tree Charm

Anything that gives off good energy. Energy is absorbed from other objects including humans. If you look at this scientifically, if you put a screw to a magnet it will stick to the magnet, but if you leave the screw on the magnet for long enough, it will become magnetised itself and no longer stick to the magnet. What's happened is, the screw has literally drawn energy from the magnet.

If you pick a crystal as a good luck charm and it has been around negative energy and then you wear it on your body, then you too will absorb this energy over time. So it is a good idea to get the feel of something before you keep it close to you.

This has inspired me to do a post about psycometry.
Just cleanse your crystal and recharge it before use.
I really don't think such exist, maybe a superstition based on but good luck, you make your good fortune. Don't wait on some objects to do it for you.
Well I read something from a site before that you can make a good luck charm with anything. It said something about like idk transferring good vibes to the thing like make sure you fill it with happy memories or something like that. I don't know but, my boyfriend bought me these earrings and it's my was on my birthday when he bought it, I was there with him. It was a happy memory. I only wear the earrings on special occasions, like when I had a job interview, fancy parties, and etc. I wore it to school sometimes too and I don't know but whenever I wear always turns out to be a good day. I always feel good about myself when I wear it like I feel a sense of positive energy like I would always feel look good about myself and stuff. I guess ever since I've been noticing the good things whenever I wear those became my lucky charms I guess. Maybe it's just coincidence but who knows
A Blood Stone.....
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