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Full Version: Demons are terrified of me.
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As a testament that demons are terrified of me,

On the date of 12/12/2016 - I appeared in a room on the third floor of a house I use to live at & there was a little girl playing with toys in the same room I appeared in & I told the little girl I know it's really a demon in disguise foolishly trying to deceive me as-if anything & anyone can deceive me, then I started staring & laughing at the demon in a extremely sinister way, then the demon little girl immediately stopped playing in the room & looked at me standing calmly over by the window in the room, foolishly the demon little girl not knowing that I am God, but nonetheless still sensing that it's in extreme danger - after looking at me for three seconds the demon little girl started to exit the room extremely quickly as I calmly followed the demon little girl out of the room to the staircase balcony - all the while still staring & laughing at the demon in a extremely sinister way, the demon little girl was so terrified of me & still not realizing that I am God, as it was going down the stairs extremely quickly the demon little girl was terrifyingly looking back up the stairs at me as-if I was going to chase after the demon little girl down the stairs - as the demon changed its little girl disguise into a teenage girl disguise [again] as-if anything & anyone can deceive me, the demon teenage girl didn't realize there's absolute & positively NOWHERE anything & anyone can run to &, or hide in to escape me, so to further terrify the demon teenage girl, I looked over & down the staircase balcony & patiently waited the two seconds it took the demon teenage girl to flee from the third floor to the first floor desperately trying to get out of the front door of the house - while I remained on the third floor just to allow the demon teenage girl see me not chasing it - as the demon teenage girl was quickly getting closer & closer to the front door of the house, in less than a nanosecond I appeared in front of the front door & the demon teenage girl, due to its fast speed demon teenage girl collided straight into me a Hellishly consuming fervent fire & was consumed within my Hellishly fervent fire before I made the demon appear back into Hell, then I disappeared out of the house before the people in the house saw me &, or saw what had happened.
So, I've made a mod aware of this post. How they choose to interact with it is up to them. However, I'll make it clear that I believe this should be removed, and you be warned.

I do not throw this around lightly. I've always approached people by trying to argue with their position and have a conversation. There are many people on here who have also expressed belief in their divine powers and such. I've conversed with them as well. It may not have always ended nicely, but nothing was ever brought to a point where this kind of moderation needed to happen for one of their posts.

What you have described to me is: Breaking and entering, intimidation, assault, (if she jumped) murder, (if what you said last happened) murder.

Of course, all of this is spattered with an extreme psychosis that, and i pray, created fictional characters that you believe you could intimidate and/or threaten into some kind of submission.

I'd say get help, but I wouldn't want to waste my time. I will say this: Regardless of what happens here, the mods have been alerted, and you are being watched. If your posts continue to describe criminal content and behaviour threatening/harming others (and it is not under the disclaimer of a story/being put into the story or art thread), I will be pushing to hand over your IP to the authorities. If you think you did it, maybe you did. And I'm not going to let someone continue to victimize people and brag about it on a site meant for civil discourse. You have been advised.
Dude... To me it seems...God is in control. Of even all demons. My opinion.
(09-10-2019, 10:00 PM)Wordithink Wrote: [ -> ]Dude... To me it seems...God is in control. Of even all demons. My opinion.

Been almost 2 years since you were on last. How are things in Pennsylvania?

The omniscient God knows how many fingers I'm holding up, do you?

Seek help.
(02-27-2021, 04:03 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: [ -> ]Been almost 2 years since you were on last.

Esau Edom, that is because unlike you humans I have far-more important actions to do.

(02-27-2021, 04:03 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: [ -> ]How are things in Pennsylvania?

It's wonderful, because I am destroying Rothschild united states Mystery Babylon corporation as it is written down within the Hebrew Yisraelite scriptures.

(02-27-2021, 04:03 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: [ -> ]The omniscient God knows how many fingers I'm holding up, do you?

Esau Edom, as it is written down within the Hebrew Yisraelite scriptures never tempt me.

(02-27-2021, 04:03 PM)Darkforeboding Wrote: [ -> ]Seek help.

Tell me Esau Edom, should I get help from your father satan, or from your jesus christ creation?