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Full Version: This couple bought a warship
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We share a 14-ft fishing boat with friends but a 44-metre warship? That's over 144 feet!

Not something you can just pop into the shopping cart at Kmart or Target.
Not terribly surprised. There are quite a few wealthy people that refit old ships as yachts, including the ship of the late Jacques Cousteau, the Calypso, which had formerly been a Navy minesweeper.
I'm actually quite impressed with their goals there. My boss did something in the same vein, with the strip of dirt just in the parkinglot that the municipality owned. He spent his own money to get it fixed and landscape it nicely for the entire plaza of stores, because it was an eyesore, and the gov wasn't doing anything about it.

I like how they were like "Nobody's doing anything, and we like diving. Soooo....lets fix stuff."
That's a really good thing your boss did for the community, Ka-Ra. We really need more people to do stuff to help fix stuff.

Once in a while, I scrub off the scuff marks from the walls on our floor. Together with neighbours, a number of us help sort out the recycling and pick up the litter from the ground in the apartment block. When my husband and I go out, we take our trash away with us in rubbish bags if there're no bins around. We consciously buy stuff with less packaging, reuse plastic bags/containers and bring our own cloth shopping bags to reduce plastic ending up in waterways and in landfill. We all can do what we can. Every little bit helps.
What a great thing these folks are doing. It says a lot about someone who will go to this expense and effort to help clean up a mess that was created long ago. I hope the funding will follow and allow them to accomplish their task.
Hope they'll get the required funding too. All the best to them. It's great what they're trying to do. Smile
Makes me want to finish repairing the sailboat and go out on the lake. I'll have to find my Jolly Roger flag and eye patch.
Aarrrr, me hearties. You can always launch your trusty submarine and go as Captain Nemo. Just make sure the sub is fitted with a plushy armchair and steam-punk pipe organ. And don't forget the pepperoni on pizza night! Wink
...and a big power source to electrify the hull when we get attacked by a giant squid.
They've released the Kraken!? Sound the alarm, Biologics detected! Ahead Flank, Cavitate!