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Full Version: The Blob
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Okies, this one is gonna give me nightmares…

The Blob
No backbone. A little like a politician.

Political joke quota filled for this month.

On behalf of invertebrates everywhere, I am offended… no, outraged… at being compared to a politician.

Fellow slugs and snails and earthworms, rise up and unite against this kind of hatred! And join us, squid and octopi and sea anenome, our sea-faring brethren!

Be not ashamed of your slime, or tentacles, or the fact that you (literally) eat dirt! Embrace you slime with the ebullience of a child and the wisdom of Nickelodeon. Revel in your tentacles, as does… anime… er…

Ok, so maybe not so much that. Don’t Google anime tentacles. I grew up on My Neighbor Totoro and Go! Panda! Go! Apparently, anime has changed…

Ask yourself… where would French culture be without the humble snail, turned into the ever pretentious escargot? And how would the princesses of legend have adorned themselves, without the tiny silkworm? Would they have bin reduced to cotton and leather? How would the Italians fish the sea without the earth worm? How would they make their pasta without the ink of squids?

Okies, so… um… I’m gonna freely admit that I thought I had an idea of where I was going with this, but… no.

Not so much.

; D
I find the fact that it emulates our highway systems simularly, very interesting