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Full Version: EVP on Random Video
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So..................I haven't done any EVP recordings (intentionally) for about 3 years.
Things went bad
...but anyway....the other day.....I was taking a work related video of a customer's pool heater (because it didn't sound right)
upon play back......I thought I heard a female voice at the 3-4 second mark............I think it's saying a name......( that's usually followed by "Longstocking"
it's not a great quality video.....after's just a video I took for work....nothing intentionally having to do with EVP at all
anyone else hear it at 3-4 seconds?
something happened to that previous link

here's it on Soundcloud

there's a lot of background noise....because it was essentially a brief video of a pool heater with a faulty blower motor and quite noisy 

I was texting it to a coworker to get his opinion

but at the 3-4 mark I hear a faint female voice
I’ve listened several times with recording quality headphones and I hear absolutely nothing.

Mind you, I’ve never understood why a ghost would be able to speak through electronics.  Still, when I think of EVPs, I think of something like this… the 'voice' is fairly clearly not part of the background static...

I hear the name "Pippi" at 3 seconds.
I hear the sound that you hear as a voice. It sounds like two syllables or two words long.
It sounds too indistinct to tell what is being said, if anything is being said. It could just be a random distortion in the audio and your brain is interpreting it as being voice like.