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Full Version: Mara/mare spotted
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Last night I was awoken around 2am. my feet felt like they were in ice water I look down and see this thing sitting on the foot of my bed, it looked like an extremely hairy 90 year old or better woman one eye and it's mouth appeared to be sewn shut, when I sat up the creature vanished, was this a old hag/mare/mara or something else entirely, it wasn't one of the normal 3 guests however neither of them were present. "White lady" female figure in a white dress, with no face, wears veil, possible head Hunter, benevolent presence."darkness" a batlike humanoid with a black mist concealing it's features most of the time,only dectectable by sight no presence and "zombie" a shy/cowardly, child sized humanoid that appears to have rotting flesh, malevolent presence, moves freely through objects.