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Quote:To this day, no one knows how Ed created the Coral Castle. Built under the cover of night and in secret, at a time when there were no modern construction conveniences, Ed would only say that he knew "the secret of the pyramids." When he died, his secrets died with him, and to this day scientists and thinkers still debate Ed's methods.

Coral Castle, also known as rock gate, is an oolite limestone structure that was built in Florida. The rocks each weigh well over a ton, and it was all constructed by a 5-foot 110 lb Latvian named Edward Leedskalnin. The rocks are perfectly balanced, and the construction of the castle has been compared to that of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

I've only just heard about this place a couple days ago, but thought it interesting enough to share.
the rest of the story
As tempting as it is to view the amazing park through a veil of mystery, in fact we know how the castle was built. Creating a structure like the Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished in a few months with a construction crew and modern machinery. But Leedskalnin worked alone using basic tools like picks, winches, ropes and pulleys. Leedskalnin himself said that that he did it using hard work and the principles of leverage. The tools he used to quarry the rock are on display at the Coral Castle, and several old photos depict the large tripods, pulleys, and winches he used to move the blocks. Though the quarried stone slabs are large, they are actually lighter than they appear because the rock is porous.
There is another thread on this somewhere. I echo UNR on this one. The unsolved mysteries people will make it sound like it was done supernaturally, but when I visited the Coral Castle back in the 80's they staff was happy to tell and show you the pulleys and levers that he used to build it. He made them from old car parts. There is also a small book written by a neighbor that was friendly. He states in the book that it was interesting to watch Leedskalin work on the castle, but that he really only used levers, pulleys, and tripods, and, though he did sometimes work at night he also worked during the day sometimes and you could see him cutting and shaping stones and moving them into place.
Here's a link to the other thread on this subject including a link for a video of someone that thinks he knows how the castle was built.