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Full Version: UFOs are making the News again!
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Well, what do you guys think?

I respect Tucker on a lot of things, first and foremost his ability to approach any topic with a genuine concern.
I've said before on this website and I'll continue to repeat, seeing something that you can't explain is not proof that it was a craft from another star system piloted by intelligent extraterrestrials. Scientists have offered explanations such as ball lightning or geologically produced plasma balls associated with tectonic activity. Myself, I have no idea, but I'm not ready to leap to the conclusion that this was extraterrestrials.
The newest video is at the beginning, and I think the point that Tucker's trying to make is the fact that the FAA refuses to investigate. In the wake of multiple sober witnesses and trained operators' observations, you'd think they'd at least humor them. Instead, they insult the intelligence of their soldiers. That's what he's getting at.
If they refuse to investigate, then they probably know what it is. Most likely something that needs to remain a secret from the sounds of it.
Exactly the interesting point, and one that should be explored. I think the need for transparency is getting bigger and bigger. People are expecting to be told more. Maybe now that a mainstream news media source is shedding light on it, they'll start to come clean. Or...they'll kill him. That makes me sad, but it could happen xD
Let's see if Tucker will report UFOs again.
Third time's the charm? lol
If you make a loud enough noise, someone's bound to come looking.
(03-14-2018, 07:35 AM)Vultyrex Wrote: [ -> ]Let's see if Tucker will report UFOs again.

He reported on it quite a few times in 2017 and also again in 2018.
Ehhh Tucker Carlson's facts are kind of wonky at times. I don't think I'd turn to him for possible UFOs.
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