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Full Version: (other than here) what weird news sources do you read?
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I used to read Disinfo every day but it degraded severely in quality. The top story on there right now is about racist white guys. Effs sakes as if I needed another story about that. 

Abovetopsecret has also become disappointing. I used to see a lot of news stories on there but I feel like there is too much stupid stuff being posted on there to have to sort through. 

Any suggestions? I am starving for more paranormal news.
Probably not what you're looking for, but these are very well put together and very entertaining .

Define reputable source.
Who asked for a "reputable source"? xD
I believe I did.
Did you want us to define reputable for you? Smile
No, I would like to know some reputable news sources.
Oh shoot, reputable news sources are hard to come by. I generally have read the National Post but even that has become mediocre and allows some really stupid clickbaity editorials. I read Breitbart but that's mostly focused on the U.S. The BBC is "reputable" but boring and they also publish lots of pseudoscience sensationalism.

The worst (in Canada) is CBC. It is unspeakably awful.
Yellow journalism is so far and wide that it's truly a skeptical paradise.