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Full Version: Rectangular Shaped UFO near Richmond Ky
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This was about two years ago

There were numerous sightings of some big rectangular shaped thing that was traveling southward above I-75. It was mostly in the clouds but numerous people saw it including a good friend of mine.  He had tried to reach his SLR but couldnt. He said that he was so freaked out and trying to see it that he forgot about the camera in his phone. 

I-75 is a busy Interstate and a lot of people who were traveling saw it. He said that at first he noticed it was getting overcast but did not look up. Eventually he felt like he was in a shadow so he looked up and saw it. After a short time the thing headed toward the east and was out of sight.

This is not my personal experience. I was not there. This is what a good friend of mine told me. I know that he was serious and is not a liar or a UFO/alien "fan".
You can always look at other reports, the exact location and dates help. There are a few sightings data bases.
Great. I just started looking at it. There is a lot there.
There have been a lot of reports of rectangular shaped craft according to the list at page