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Full Version: World's 7 Most Horrifying Haunted Places
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All of us right here at "TalkParanormal" have one thing in common. And that is we always have had special interest in ghosts and paranormal activities. One can travel to any corner of the world and would definitely find haunted places, islands, mansions by the dozens. In fact a tribe of people known as ‘ghost hunters’ thrive on exploring these scariest and spookiest places. And thats what I'm about to share with all of us here.

Here are world's 7 most haunted places with a horrifying story of their own:

1. Tower of London, London, England

2. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

3. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

4. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

5. Alcatraz, San Francisco, United States

6. Aradale Asylum, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

7. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

I have been roaming around the world since I left my job back in 2014 in search of the most scariest, horrifying and haunted places. I've heard a thousand of stories about ghosts and other kind of paranormal stuff.
I'm curious to know yours.!
A couple of years ago, I was asked to compile my own list of the top 10 most haunted locations throughout the world for a radio show appearance. I really struggled, lol. It's hard to choose what is 'most haunted' when we can't prove that anything is actually haunted. But, here's the list I came up:

1. Highgate Cemetery, England
2. The Tower of London, England
3. The White House, USA
4. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, USA
5. WV State Penitentiary at Moundsville, USA
6. Poveglia Island, Italy
7. Pripyat/Chernobyl, Ukraine
8. Aokigahara Forest, Japan
9. Gettysburg, USA
10. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

If anyone would like to know my reasoning in picking locations, or my struggle with how subjective this exercise was, you can read about it on my blog!