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Full Version: i think this was an O.B.E.?
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i cant remember exactly when this happened.. must have been 2 or 3 years ago?

anyways, i was just done a night of dreaming, and i get up, open my door, walk down the stairs into the kitchen, and watch my sister put some toast in the toaster.
then i wake up.
im sitting there in my bed, a little confused because whatever just happened felt real, but i guess was just a dream because im still in bed, right?? so now that i was awake for real, i get up and go down into the kitchen, and my sister is there putting butter on some toast.

thats.... the whole experience. short and sweet, but i still wonder if this actually was an out of body experience??
Can you hear the toaster from the bedroom?
Or smell the toast being made?
toaster: yeah but very faintly.
smelling toast: no the smell would have been too weak to be smelled from the room i was in. also i have a weak nose
How often does your sister make toast? Was it a weekend, when she has a slower start to the day & is more inclined to have a small breakfast?
(10-30-2016, 11:24 AM)Janus Wrote: [ -> ]How often does your sister make toast? Was it a weekend, when she has a slower start to the day & is more inclined to have a small breakfast?

uh idk how often she makes toast.. shes moved out now and also thats just not something i notice about people honestly
but yeah it was a weekend
When people have dreams it seems like the dreams last for many minutes. Actually an individual dream lasts scant seconds and even fractions of a second. When you are dreaming you seem to lose your concept of time. This is something that is very well known to psychologists.

Also dreams often happen just at the point of waking or falling asleep. It is well known that you go through cycles of sleep from falling asleep to the dreaming (R.E.M., rapid eye movement) sleep, to deep, non-dreaming sleep, and back. You go through these several times each night, whether you remember it or not.

When you have some external stimulus during REM sleep it will often get incorporated into your dream. People might dream that the phone is ringing and wake to their alarm clock or that they are being scratched and wake to find they are lying on an ink pen or something else. My best guess is that you were dreaming and heard the faint sound of the toaster as your sister was making toast. Then your subconscious incorporated that sound into your dream.
From what little I know, this could have possibly been an OBE, but more likely one of your senses was awakened by what was happening and your mind put it together in a dream, possibly a bit lucid.
I have been a lucid dreamer and astral traveler for decades, and I can tell you, there's a little OBE in every dream, but the magic happens when we are aware of it, when we are conscious enough to think into that dream and to know that we are not in the body. Anyway, that's kind of a dream, but the interesting thing is that, you can learn to use that other body, transform into things, pass through walls, fly, etc. You can learn to distinguish what is what you see, some people there is real people, other dreamers sharing the same experience with us,, others are just projections, others are residual energies.

Every time someone called me for help getting rid of a ghost, spirit, demon or whatever, I fixed the problem using astral projection, using the sleep paralysis as a doorway to "the other side". For me, it's easier to take care of those spiritual issues from there than from here.