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Full Version: Conjuring 2
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We watched this last night, over all it was a decent horror movie, James Wan really knows how to build the suspense and doesn't use cheap gore for chills and I just love Vera Farmiga.
However, I have a large problem with this string of movies, Annabelle, The Conjuring 1 & 2, The Haunting in Connecticut, the way they tout "true story". As with anything said to be based on a true story in film large parts are often stretched, embellished or down right fabricated, these films however grate on me due to the way the portray the Warrens as concerned heroes. There has been enough proof that their big name (also big money making) projects were hoaxed before these films were made that I feel it should be marketed as such.

Has anyone else checked out this flick?

And just for the hey of it here is a list of 10 ways the Warrens have been exposed as frauds.

First didn't watch the movie and won't.
Paranormal fraud is ok with so many in the paranormal because the lies support the beliefs. Its ok to lie, fake, make up stories and hide the truth. Hell people even lie about educations and military back grounds to embellish themselves and sucker the believers in. Even when exposed they keep the following. You can show facts and they are ignored so the fantasies can be claimed. Lets face it people do not want to admit they may have been wrong all their lives.
I've seen it a while back, it was pretty entertaining although not that scary (I'm used to horror movies since I was a kid, so no surprise here)
That being said, I still like the first movie more.
Scamming in the paranormal seems to pay off really well, it's no surprise that there are so many willing to fake and mislead. As a community you really would think it would be important to out those type of people but your right, it's just ignored. People are just as prone to be close minded believers as they are to be close minded skeptics.
I was a long time believer (up until a few years ago) and it was easy to maintain my beliefs as long as I took it all at face value, but the more I researched and studied, the more holes I allowed myself to acknowledge in so many of the paranormal theories and accounts, not to mention studying brain functions and dysfunctions, illnesses and all the other things that can influence these experiences. Don't get me wrong it would be a lot more exciting to have a secret magical world that only a few have access to but with all the information literally at our fingertips the facts are hard to avoid. If one day there is solid proof I would be more than happy to entertain it, until that day though I'm at the skeptical end of things.