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Full Version: Are There Subspecies of Bigfoot?
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Are There Subspecies of Bigfoot?

Please feel free to offer your personal perspective.

Best wishes Taoist
Wouldn't you have to prove bigfoot exists before you can look for subspecies?
Considering that Bigfoot enthusiasts have displayed a huge range of completely different footprint casts and descriptions that range from around 5 feet (touted to be juvenile) to 10 feet in height and colors from blond, red, brown, black, and even green (as if moss was growing in it's fur) I'd guess that Bigfoot believers would have to say there were different species.
`I myself believe that IF they do indeed exist, the Bigfoot of the northeast and the Skunk ape of the southeast are two separate species . The supposed tracks found by Harlan Ford as well as those found in the 1969 Chilton County Alabama sightings are nothing at all like a " sasquatch " print is supposed to look. There are also a lot more reports of violence from the southeast version . I think they are different entirely . Of course the Skunk ape could just be Bigfoots redneck little cousin
(03-19-2016, 02:35 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: [ -> ]Wouldn't you have to prove bigfoot exists before you can look for subspecies?

I concur with UglyNRude.
The Yeti exists enough.
yea, from what i understand, the yeti is different from bigfoot (sasquatch), and as for bigfoot there can be a ton of different variations on that particular hairy monster (wildman).
So what is the difference between the yeti and bigfoot? I always thought they were similar, but slightly different evolutions.
Just look at the casts .... shouldn't the hoaxers get together?