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Full Version: Newly found crevice at the bottom of the Loch. Is it nessie's hiding place?
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I have never actually believed in the Loch Ness Monster, the same as many people on here. How can a big monster like that fit in the Loch, was what we all wondered. Loch Ness was previously mapped at 813f. A newly discovered "trench" like crevice has been found at the bottom of the Loch, much deeper than previously thought, making it 900f deep. Could this be nessie's hiding place? Or is this just natural? Its quite interesting.
Check it out
The lochness monster was a hoax that has been kept alive by those seeking tourists. So is the new channel just another log to fuel the hoax?

Now lets look at it differently, If there was a monster and it was spotted in 1933, the average lifespan of giant sea creatures and dinosaurs was 30 to 40 years. So there would have to been a breeding population. Now with multiple creatures they would of been discovered.

So like so many of these claimed creatures, hoaxes, and mistaken identifications that live on for money.