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Full Version: my sleep paralysis story and think shadow people
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I have had sleep paralysis for a fair few years now it hasn't happened in a while but want to no your take on this , I can feel when its going to happen its like a surge of energy rushes through my body when this has happened its to late, some things that have happened to me I thought I was raped and wet the bed woke up no one there and no wet ... I felt I was dragged out of a caravan window ,I've seen big black figures stood in the corner of the room woke up its happened again and it was walking at me allot of weird thing I've never really said anthing to anyone cause when I did I look weird but one thing ill never forget one night I was asleep fine for some reason I woke up and had the surges of energy but was not asleep the weird thing was my dog was at[/size] the bottom of the bed cowering so I said what's up puppy and as I said it something black sreamed in my face and just shot up and was not there anymore any I mean really screamed loud like a inch from my face trust when I say I grabbed my dog and slept in my brothers room what do you think cheers for reading
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Study parasomnias

I think your right about all tht top bit of what I said but what about the dog and the screaming shadow but thank you I read and leaned cheers