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Full Version: The 1 book of Enoch
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I'm just curious has anyone heard of the book of 1 Enoch...if you haven't you should give this a read. It's a book that was discovered at the time of the dead sea scrolls. This book is and on going debate between Christians, Jews, and many other concerning why this book was never canonized has scripture. Since its discovery many believed that the book of Enoch should of been included in the KJV of the bible because Enoch was quoted so it's said in the book of Genesis and the book of I think it was Joel don't quote me on that part has I'm not sure of that. What this book of over 100 chapters has to say will anger some mystify others butlots for most it will raise a lot of questions. It's interesting what he has to say about the fallen angels and
what they had done that went against Gods command. Anyway ya'll should get a copy of it and read it...very interesting considering it was written over 200-300 years B.C. it describes in length the time before man was created. I"m not done reading it yet but thus far I can see where there is much debate about it considering that it's said to be by many authors. You can find out about it just about in any search engine and you'll see what I'm talking about
It also gives indication on when the 'Great Judgment' will be. In chapter 10 verse 15, the Watcher Angels who had sex with the daughters of men and had giant offspring, were sentenced to be bound under the Earth for 70 generations, even to the day of the 'Great Judgment'. If 100yr = one generation, then the year 2015/5,776(Jewish calendar), plus another 1,224 years equals 7,000=70 generations. Some scholars tack on another 3,000 years to make an even 10,000 then the 'Great Judgment'.
(04-28-2015, 11:48 PM)bearbdgr Wrote: [ -> ]This book is and on going debate between Christians, Jews, and many other concerning why this book was never canonized has scripture.

Build a lil ol' time machine and go back to 325 AD and ask the blokes at the First Counsel of Nicea why they included some books and not others. That's the only way to know why the First Book of Enoch was excluded.
If you've read the Book of Enoch has anyone caught the correlation between those angels that took human women (against there will by the way) and alien abduction. Well anyway it's a very interesting book, I have to admit I'm still a bit confused on who decided what was from the hand of God and what wasn't. I know it's written that every author of every book was commanded by God to write what they were given by God. However this does not explain why there are other books that were deemed by man to NOT be from did they arrive at that conclusion? It seems a bit odd that the Catholic bible differs from the Protestant bible and the list goes on the only central belief in all of them that they all agree there is only ONE creator. Oh well it will keep me busy and just give me more info to put into my website. Makes for interesting lively debate.
They just didn't like ole' Enoch, the mean things! Even back then you had to be in the 'In' crowd.
By that logic, Mary herself wasn't in the "In" crowd.
Yep. I have it.
Mary wrote a book?
Yes.... she did.
Here there are some of the excluded gospels: (and there are a lot more still)

(a) Protevangelium of James

(b) Pseudo-Matthew

© The Nativity of Mary

(d) Gospel of Joseph the Carpenter

(e) The Passing of Mary

2. Gospels of the Infancy or Childhood

(a) Gospel of Thomas

(b) Arabic Gospel of the Childhood

3. Gospels of the Passion and Resurrection

(a) Gospel of Peter (as above)

(b) Gospel of Nicodemus

(1) Ac of Pilate

(2) Descent of Jesus into the Lower World

1. Gospel of the Ebionites

2. Gospel of the Egyptians

3. Gospel of Marcion

4. Gospel of Peter

5. Gospel of the Twelve Apostles

6. Gospels of Barnabas and Bartholomew

The First Book of Adam and Eve
The Second Book of Adam and Eve
The Book of the Secrets of Enoch
The Psalms of Solomon
The Odes of Solomon
The Letter of Aristeas
Fourth Book of Maccabees
The Story of Ahikar
The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
Testament of Reuben
Testament of Simeon
Testament of Levi
The Testament of Judah
The Testament of Issachar
The Testament of Zebulun
The Testament of Dan
The Testament of Naphtali
The Testament Of Gad
The Testament of Asher
The Testament of Joseph
The Testament of Benjamin
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