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Full Version: What did I experience ?
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I have been really ,bothered' or perplexed I guess is the word by my car wreck , not like fear of driving , just bothered to know what I felt and experienced cause when I was in the air ( rollover off road going 95 MPH) I was SO calm like I accepted my death, and I was so relaxed, and then I blanked for a little maybe like 1-2 seconds and then I remember just seeing the road and the field and just thinking the road was so beautiful and the dirt was so orange and the world was so pretty and then the car came to a stop and the Process of the actual wreck and rolling was over and it's like it wasn't beautiful anymore and I became nervous and scared even though I was still alive , idk just bothers me on why I felt that way , seems like the wreck should be the nervous part and the aftermath of being alive and realizing it's over should be the relief, I just can't get over how serene, relaxed,and calm I was during such a dangerous and serious incident . What could be the reason for this ?? I'm a 19 year old male, Christian religion, and it was on Oct 31, 2014 at around 1215 pm and on a country highway 82 in TX if that's info that helps Yall out
Flipped going 95 MPH right after midnight?! Driving like the devil, drinking! Looks like God gave you a second chance. Use it wisely.
(02-16-2015, 02:30 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: [ -> ]Flipped going 95 MPH right after midnight?! Driving like the devil, drinking! Looks like God gave you a second chance. Use it wisely.

Maybe I wasn't drinking though , just the experience was like anything I've felt before
It was the peace of God upon thy brow at a much needed time. It's a miracle you survived in one piece.
12pm is midday not midnight, but still it is too fast you naughty boy. Yes a great calm does come when you think your time is up. I have heard of others seeing that the earth takes on a new wonderful aura. A glimpse of Heaven in my view. I also believe that Heaven is on earth but in an altered state.
It was your soul in its original state seeing things the way you did as a child. Then your worldly experiences overrode the experience as you realized you were going to live through the experience on some level. Once things got out of control you let loose for a few seconds but then came back to what you learned from experience here. If you were to have been destined to die in that wreck, your soul would have left in those peaceful thoughts.... But the first time your soul realized in the accident, that you were going to live...fear took over and subconsciously knew it might have to heal and recover from this, not knowing the damage that was going to be done. You may not have consciously thought this at the time, but your soul/feelings knew this on some level as it was occurring.