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Full Version: Possible first experience of sleep paralysis
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Today i was lying in bed, i was pretty sure that i was awake as i could hear my fiance and mum talking to each other. Anyway, the next minute or so was very strange, i felt the bed clothes starting to move, they were getting dragged down the bed and away from me and i couldn't do anything to stop this, i couldn't move but i was sure it was really happening. The next thing i remember was the bed clothes in the same place they always were and still around me, apparently i had woken up by this stage. I have never experienced this before....

I'm not prying, but I've had sleep paralysis several times in my life, most of them when I was in my twenties. Now, I'm in my fifties. I'm not young, and most often it is the young people who experience this. There seems to be some scientific explanation for this, but I'm not convinced. I'm much too old to have this happen to me, according to them.

I firmly believe there is a spiritual component. My last one reminded me that I may have been nearly awake, but not totally. When my "dreams" are about where I am, it is difficult to figure out if I'm awake or not. I'm not suggesting you just forget about it. Rather, focus on something or some person that keeps you anchored. Losing control of your own body is just a bit hairy at times. Don't give into a panic. If you're like me, you might find yourself kicking or something to get free, and you might injure yourself or someone else. Please excuse my spelling. Icontexto-emoticons-07-032x032