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Full Version: Can a "small" paranormal investigation yield any results?
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I know very little about paranormal investigations so I need help from people with experience.

Basically, me, my husband and a friend were talking this evening about us doing a small little investigation of our own in some local places reputed to be haunted.

What I want to know is - can three people with little experience really get results? I know we are more likely doing it for enjoyment and out of interest, but obviously the main aim is to actually try to catch something on tape etc...

What I really need to know is what needs to be used on an investigation? I can get hold of a camcorder. A voice recorder to do some EVP sessions. And a digital camera. But are these things neccessary or any good? And what other equipment/hints/advice can you give us so we can get more than just a nice night out?

Any help appreciated Smile Thanks.
Its really a question that cannot be answered, there are many places called haunted that people investigate but don't find anything. Yet others claim to find something all the time, the question becomes did they capture paranormal?

Now you can investigate with the equipment you listed. It seems the biggest claims of captured paranormal is EVP's so that is one way. Most photography I see is explainable, but could you be the ones to capture something? So its worth trying plus something you can later look at for reminders. While most video is IR or UV a standard video camera would work just as well. Now an emf detector isn't cheap plus is used more for finding other causes more then a ghost. So you don't need one unless you get serious and investigate more. An electronic thermometer is another tool but once again do spirits really create cold spots? Another unknown.

Just do it with what you have and have fun.
I agree with UNR, the equipment you listed is really all you need for some basic ghost huntin'. That's really all hubby and I use when we go out, a couple of digital recorders, a 35 mm camera and a digital camera with video.

As far as the group size, sometimes smaller is lose alot of human contamination that is typical with large teams. It's easier to pick out the little things during review, a chair squeak or someone making a strange noise can be easier to attribute to someone in your group if there are only a few of you. The last professional investigation I was on with a team was madness. Radios going off all the time, chatter between team members, and you could hear the other groups on other floors.

So many times, smaller groups can in fact yield better, cleaner results from evidence review. Enjoy yourselves, and let us know how it goes!
A camcorder is great for time stamping and for having a third eye of sorts on your K2 or EMF detector. If you ask for visual confirmation and the entity responds by moving an object, catching the movement on camera is what turns that experience into evidence.

In a few threads people have mentioned liability issues. The camera is great for covering your behind in situations where people's property comes into play.
Thank you for your comments everyone Smile

I really love the idea of exploring some local places with my husband but because we're both new to this, we wondered what we'd need or not need.

Is it worth doing outdoor investigations? I presume seeing/hearing anything out of the ordinary would be much harder in an outdoor environment...but there is somewhere local to me that is supposed to be very haunted but I thought being outdoors would be tough to try any experiments...
Outdoors is fine, you just need to know the area for safety reasons. At night expect different sounds as the dark brings out different animals. Understand lights in the distance can create strange pictures. Night time photography is completely different and more difficult. Some cameras are good and some bad at night. A night your flash only reaches so far so expect unusual shadows and objects. If you capture anything go back in the daylight to debunk your photos. And of course make sure you have permission to be there.
Yes, it can. But be carefull of any results you get and document. I am no expert in paranormal investigating, but I think there are a few tools to document.
Log book: Document is a key point.
Camera: Point and shoot is a must. Also a video camera is an excellent addition. With this, you need to know the settings and again document everything.
Audio recording: Popular is a digital recorder. With this, you need to be carefull, a finger swiped accidentally over the mic will give sounds like a "voice" for example. Know your device, and also document everything.
Flashlight: Mini-maglight(in-expensive) or you can get crazy and get a surefire or streamlight(expensive...a hundred dollars). Light is a must.
First aid kit.
Working cell phone: make sure it does not interfere with the investigation and document.
That is it, you can get these things for maybe a few hundred dollars at most.
Now, some things I would take with me:
EMF/KII meter: Yes controversy but know how to use them and what they are used for. Not too expensive for the cheap versions.
Kestrel weather station: I think it is a great tool. It takes temp(high/low), barom pressure, humidity, wind direction/speed, altitude...ect. Kinda expensive for the Kestrel 4000 or 4500, maybe 300+. With this again know how to use it and document.
Four gas anylizer: It will measure LEL and UEL(methane or propane), CO, CO2,O2 levels. You can even get one that checks Chlorine , but those detectors get damaged quite easy Smile Again these are very expensive and require periodic servicing to keep in spec. A few thousand dollars. However, I will guess most "paranormal" claims are because of these values.
Now we are going into what is popular, but not necessary:
DVR system with IR cameras. Not cheap, from several hundred to thousands of dollars. You will need cables and computer, also tech knowledge on setup.
TIC(Thermal Imiging Camera). Very expensive, a few thousand dollars, again knowledege on use is key.
Frank's or the Ghost box. Cheap but who knows LOL
Here you go, for something to study:
Sorry for all the edits Smile
What I want to know is - can three people with little experience really get results?
Yes you can but it depends how you interpret the data you capture - via cameras, sound recorders and thermometers. Over here in the UK a programme called Most Haunted managed to get results on every investigation they filmed and their series ran for nearly 8 years but their interpretation of the phenomenon they experienced and captured caused much controversy and accusations of biased interpretations.
LK and UnR have given the best advice IMO. Just go out, enjoy the thrill and be safe Icontexto-emoticons-03-032x032