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Full Version: Why do people see and hear things?
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Perhaps the most ignored part of paranormal beliefs are the real causes. Paranormal teams ignore looking for facts because its just not fun.

Lets look at some of those causes.
Delusions to fantasy proneness

A delusion is a false belief which is firmly sustained and based on incorrect inference about reality. This belief is held despite evidence to the contrary and is not accounted for by the person's culture or religion.
Certainty - the patient believes the delusion absolutely.
Incorrigibility - the belief cannot be shaken.
Impossibility - the delusion is without doubt untrue.
Causes? From Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia to even something as small as low self esteem. Parasomnias are also completely ignored. Hypnagogic - occur on falling asleep and are harmless.
Hypnopompic - occur on waking up and are harmless

So visual hallucinations have been reported in 16-72% of patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Auditory hallucinations in adolescence are usually transient but their persistence often suggests that the psychosis will deteriorate over time.

Many people experience hallucinations unrelated to mental illness. One study found that 75% of people experiencing auditory or visual hallucinations were otherwise healthy.
Wait whats that? How often we see people ignore this.

So we know why people hear and see things, why do others still believe what they experience is paranormal?

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Now when we rule out the human mind we are left with so many other often easy to diagnose claims. From water hammer to electrical issues.
The more I study paranormal the more non paranormal causes I find.
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