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Full Version: The Taboo of Investigating the Paranormal
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Lets face it most people who claim to be investigating paranormal haven't a clue not only how equipment works but what is (or isn't) paranormal.

The over the top enthusiasts
Well these are great, they include people who just love, love, looooove the paranormal, everything about it! bull pucky or not they will eat it up, the majority don’t care if it’s real or not just the subject itself is enough to make them salivate like a starving Rottweiler staring through a butchers window!

The carbon copies
These kind of investigators tend to have all the gear and no idea they sprout of the same babble they hear on their walk through the world of entertainment and most of the general populous would believe it because they would have seen something similar on the TV! They still count as dangerous to the paranormal world

The spiritual investigator
These kind of investigators help people as equally as they make things a million times worse, they can breed fear into people and leave them fragile and some can even use this to make themselves a pretty penny, they can also give people enough closure to continue on with their lives performing blessings, crossing over spirits and giving readings! Either way both count as a form of manipulation

The skeptical believer
At least this type of investigator is showing some promise but they can cause just as much harm though! They follow guidelines but step out of them for no reason other than a lack of reason! All investigators like this require a good nudge in the right direction to help solve the paranormal riddle! Some refuse the nudge these will forever be stuck in the dark abyss known as their backsides
I find it funny paranormal investigators ignore threads that describe them
Hi UglyNRude,

Looking from your list, I don't fit into any of your "categories".
Maybe I'm not the only one?

I find it funny how "cynical skeptics" jump to conclusions.
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